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Ministry Says ADIOS With Double Live DVD!


The industrial-metal machine known as Ministry never seems to run out of steam – even after the band's creator Al Jourgensen officially laid them to rest following last year's globe-circling “C U LaTouR.” It proves you just can't keep a mighty metal monster down... which is fine by me, because I'm just not ready to deal with the Ministry-shaped hole in my heart just yet.

Thankfully, Al's label 13th Planet is about to grant us one more opportunity to recapture the cranium-busting experience of seeing this band live – courtesy of the epic double-DVD release Adios... Puta Madres, a comprehensive visual document of the band's last hurrah. Click through for more details!

Scheduled for North American release on May 26, the DVD package – a companion piece to the CD that hits stores today – is comprised of two discs: the 15-track concert film Adios...Puta Madres/En Vivo? (which features tracks not included on the live CD) and the bonus documentary Fuchi Requiem, which follows the band from rehearsal to stage during the final European leg of their 2008 tour. Both discs are stuffed with gonzo footage and include interviews with Uncle Al and the gang... and if this band's wild history is any indication, there will no doubt be some bizarre tales in store, since the band's European escapades apparently included a violent seagull attack in which the winged perpetrator stole Al's sandwich.

Avian assaults aside, Jourgensen looks back fondly on the whole adventure, because the band shared a bond that he'd missed for so many years. “Ministry during the '90s... everyone hated each other,” he recalls. “But this last line-up was just like a band of pirates going down the road.”

Expect a total in-your-face audio experience for this DVD, thanks to a massive 56-channel recording setup – plugged directly into the sound board and on-stage monitors – which Al pulled into the 13th Planet Studio for editing and mixdown. But as for how it will stack up to previous Ministry releases, Al prefers to let the fans make that call. "Since I've lived it, I never listened to it,” he admits. “So it's got to be up to you guys to decide that."