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Miss FD Premieres 'Negaverse' Video


FEARnet's been following the career of dark electro-dance artist Miss FD since her earlier project Frightdoll, and we experienced two powerful and very different studio albums since then: 2010's Monsters in the Industry and this year's Love Never Dies. The latter is her darkest, moodiest release ever – the philosophical flipside to the more optimistic Monsters – but it still rocks the beat hard. That album's haunting blend of vulnerability and anger is captured in FD's new video for "Negaverse." We've got the clip on the flip, so check it out...

Shot at Respectable Street Cafe in West Palm Beach, Florida, "Negaverse" is Miss FD's second official video... and like all of the songs on her latest album, it's much darker and more intense than her first clip "Enter the Void" from Monsters in the Industry.

Described as "a musical exploration of loss, pain, and despair," Love Never Dies was released on Valentine's Day 2011 (a day of tragic personal significance to the artist) and you can find out more about it in our review. But first, take a step into the "Negaverse"...