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News Article

Montana TV Broadcast Interrupted by Zombie Outbreak



We'd better go on the record to state we don't advocate this kind of stunt, unless it's the most subversive Walking Dead viral marketing gimmick in the history of... well, ever. Either way, we've gotta give props for creativity to the folks who hacked into the Emergency Alert system in Great Falls, Montana, interrupting programming on local CW affiliate KRTV with the announcement of a zombie outbreak in the area.
The pirated signal, which sounds very much like the news flashes in George Romero's zombie films (and is accompanied by an onscreen ticker graphic), broke into regular programming to announce that "dead bodies are rising from their graves" in several Montana counties. The station had to post a disclaimer on their website to avoid widespread panic.
Between this and the rain of spiders in Brazil earlier this week, we're starting to wonder if that Aztec calendar was just maybe off by a couple of months.