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News Article

Monthly Exorcism Magazine Comes to Poland


Apparently the demonic possession problem has gotten so out of hand in Poland that it requires its own magazine. Called Egzorcysta, this monthly magazine comes from Polwen publishers and says it covers "the dangers and show ways how to protect against them." (Thank you Google Translate.) I am not sure if this refers to the dangers of exorcisms or of the demons themselves. Roman Catholic priest and contributor Father Andrzej Grefkowicz says that exorcists in Warsaw have a three-month waiting list. 

Sample articles include "Your Demon and You: How to Befriend the Devil Within" and "A Guide to Speaking in Tongues." Okay, I made those up. The two large headlines on the cover seem to translate into "But Maybe There Is..." (or "Maybe There Exists...") in the center; and "A Letter From the Underworld: Condemned Possession" on Anthony Hopkins's sleeve.