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More Details from Arch Enemy's 'Root of All Evil'

Chart-topping European metal unit Arch Enemy are preparing to roll out their new album The Root of All Evil very soon, featuring all new recordings of classic tracks from their early releases Black Earth, Stigmata and Burning Bridges. Read on to find out more about the special edition, check out the skull-o-riffic artwork and watch the newly-posted album teaser!

Hailing from Sweden and Germany, the five-piece metal monolith fronted by gravel-voiced Nordic blonde Angela Gossow have re-recorded several of their early works, including The Beast of Man, which the band has previously made available online. "The 2009 version of this song is really heads and shoulders above the original, in my opinion," said guitarist Michael Amott about that particular track. "The song was always cool, but the production on the original was quite poor; more like a demo, really."

Other Arch Enemy tracks to get the remake treatment include Diva Satanica, Demonic Science, Dark Insanity and Bury Me an Angel.

The Root of All Evil reaches North American shores on October 6th, in both CD and vinyl versions. The special edition also comes with three bonus live tracks, along with other goodies including a companion booklet and promo patch... not to mention wicked artwork by Gustavo Sazes.

Check out the album teaser below!