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More Faux Horror Movie Lunch Boxes!


Last month we shared with you fine FEARnet readers a nostalgia-inducing art project from the folks over on Kindertrauma, wherein they used the magical tool known as Photoshop to whip up images of horror-themed lunch boxes - the kinds of lunch boxes all of us lifelong horror fans wish we had as kids.  If you missed that post, be sure to travel back in time and check it out.

This week, the series of posts known as Cafeteria Kindertrauma has continued, Part 2 of the series unleashing lunch boxes inspired by holiday horror classics like Silent Night, Deadly Night and Black Christmas (how timely!), as well as cult faves Evilspeak, The Mutilator and Just Before Dawn.  There's even one for 1988's exceptional Blob remake, which includes its very own Thermos - if anything can make the color pink cool for boys, it's a Blob lunch box!

Check out some highlights from Series 2 below and see them all over on Kindertrauma.

Silent Night, Deadly Night lunch box

Black Christmas lunch box

Prom Night lunch box

The Mutilator


The Blob 1988