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News Article

Mr. Stay Puft Store Could Quite Possibly Destroy You


Happy Stay Puft StoreNice thinkin’, Ray.

Sweet Los Angeles is a shopping complex that specializes in nearly every candy imaginable. But perhaps the best, and stickiness, is the Stay Puft shop. Yep, it’s an entire shop dedicated to the killer confection and a promised land for Ghostbusters fans.

According to Creepy LA, “fans can buy mugs, polo shirts, and even marshmallow candies, all emblazoned with classic logo from the film.” Creepy LA snapped a few (fuzzy) photos of the shelves of marshmallow delights, see them below. Let’s just hope for the sake of Los Angeles shoppers, and well, the entire city, that Mr. Stay Puft’s shop does well. An out-of-work marshmallow man is an unhappy marshmallow man, and we know what happens when he gets angry.

Stay Puft store shelves

via Creepy LA