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Music Video: Margin Of Error's 'Your Life in Playback'


Extreme metallers Margin Of Error inject a dose of savage horror into everything they create – from live performances to their promotional art – so it's a given they'd go for the gore in their first music video. The clip for the single "Your Life In Playback" (from their new album What You Are About To Witness) definitely pushes the envelope... so much, in fact, that several major music sites were too freaked out to post it. Naturally, we couldn't resist that kind of buildup (they don't call us FEARnet for nothing, you know), so we're premiering it right here.

The vid's waiting on the flipside, so hit the jump and prepare yourself for a bloody blast of sonic insanity...

What You Are About To Witness is a concept album about the evil thoughts and deeds of a sadistic serial killer, and frontman Travis Meyers takes on that role himself in the film. Despite the controversy, Meyers stood his ground and refused to release a censored version: "There are certain things about this band that aren't for everyone," he explained, "but I refuse to be censored in the art that I create. Witness is an extreme record, and the video will follow suit." The single is unrelenting and violent, gene-splicing industrial, doom, death and black metal elements into a face-ripping beast. Some fans like to call this style "deathcore," although the band prefers to describe it with a simpler word: "evil."

"If the world isn't ready for us, then close your eyes and your ears," Meyers warns, "but we're not fucking going anywhere." Okay, you've been warned, so get ready to check out MOE's first serving of visual violence...