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News Article

Mutant Rats Invade the United Kingdom


Mutant Rats

Here on FEARnet, we just love the kinds of news stories that read like they're ripped straight out of horror flicks.  And as you probably gathered by the above headline, this is precisely one of those stories!

Over in the United Kingdom, the British government has been battling a particularly nasty problem of late, one that has been costing them a reported $11,000 a month.  The problem?  A new breed of poison-resistant rats have infested Parliament, and they're beginning to spread across the UK.

These so-called 'mutant rats' look like your typical pint-sized home invaders, but they're said to eat poison pellets like they're going out of style - experiencing no negative side effects from consuming the types of poisons that effectively bring about an end to normal rats.

Looking for an alternate way of controlling the problem, government officials have brought in cats to hunt and kill the mutant rats.  No word yet on how that's working out for them.

Experts believe that if more powerful poisons aren't discovered, the mutant rats could take over the UK... and that is a frightening thought!