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My Black Omen Conjures Black Magic Metal


Photo by Lars Krüger

Founded a couple of years ago by Gorthaur's Wrath guitarist Ross Feratu (pictured above), "Occult Death Metal" supergroup My Black Omen (not to be confused with Turkish black metal band Black Omen) has assembled extreme-music heavyweights from three different countries – including members of Cradle of Filth, Massacre and Unburied. This evil alliance has been working busily on their debut project, an EP which they plan to unleash later this year. In the meantime, they've sprung a new track to satisfy your evil cravings, so take a listen after the jump...

According to the band's official Facebook, the concept behind My Black Omen "was to create classic Death Metal songs with occult, dark and magick lyrics." Ross (aka Bjorn Fell) first recruited Cradle of Filth bassist Dave Pybus, then turned to Massacre vocalist Kam Lee (a pioneer of the death metal vocal style) and Unburied drummer Brian Forman to round out his team.

The band is currently "in pre-production mode," working on their first 5 or 6 songs for a still-untitled EP which they plan to release later this year. They did reveal some song titles, which include "Season of the Witch", "Black Omen," "Ghosts of the Swamp" and "The Terror & The Glory." The band also did a cover of Massacre's "Chamber of Ages," which may or may not be part of that EP, but you can listen to it right here via SoundCloud: