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'My Bloody Valentine 3D' Gives Us a Boone!


You'd never know it to look at her, but Megan Boone is new to acting in films.  But she picked a great one for her screen debut: My Bloody Valentine 3D.  In it, she plays the mistress of Sheriff Palmer (played by Kerr Smith), juggling her relationship with him while working with Mrs. Palmer (Jamie King).  Here, she tells FEARnet about diving into moviemaking with both feet – shooting in 3D, wearing special FX makeup, and running like hell from a guy with a pick axe.  Nope, this woman doesn't do anything half-assed.

Note: The following interview contains spoilers. Turn back now if you like to be surprised!

Are you a horror film fan?

I haven't liked the road horror has gone down with the torture films, so it kind of turned me off horror recently.  But I really feel that this movie takes it back to the original intent of horror films, and does so more effectively than other recent horror movies.

Have you seen the original?

I got the film, but I never watched it because I didn't want to have a tainted view of what this new version was going to be.  It was pretty clear from [director] Patrick Lussier that he was taking it to a very different place, and that the story was different.  My character wasn't even in the original, so I waited until after shooting to watch the original.

Can you tell us a little about your experiences making the film, seeing as how it is your first?

I was really excited to be involved in a horror movie, following in the footsteps of a lot of actors who have had really thriving and diverse careers.  When I got to set I was full of fear, which helped for my character!  I was surrounded by an ensemble of veterans who were all very knowledgeable, and were kind enough to help me along.  I feel like I had a family there in Pittsburgh.  It was a very scary experience, but very rewarding.

Was it weird seeing yourself in 3D?

I've never seen myself on screen period, so that alone was pretty freaking crazy!  Just that alone was daunting.  But the 3D isn't just a movie – it's an event. 

What was it like seeing yourself dead on screen?

They made a replica of me with a body cast in order to get as gruesome as they wanted.  I had already seen the aftermath of my attack, so all the action and chasing was exciting.  And it was exciting going through the makeup process.

Given that you do not like the "tortu-tainment" style of horror films, did it bother you at all that you were, essentially, hacked to bits?

They do it in a way that is reminiscent of old horror movies.  So it is gruesome, but in an entertaining, exhilarating way.  They come up with really unique kills.  I am someone who can get nauseated just at the thought of blood or something gross.  But I watched this movie and I was fine.  This was gruesome but not drawn-out.  This movie has a lot of humor in it.  I think they leaned on the campy part of horror films, and I think they did it effectively.

What is your favorite kill in the movie?

I liked Kevin Tighe's scene, not just because of how he died, but how he managed his death scene.  It wasn't part of the "death list" that they made prior to shooting – it was born out of being on set.  They said, "Oh, this place has wood floors…" and came up with it there.  I won't tell you anything else about it.  I liked the idea that it was so spontaneous.

What was it like to "live out" a horror movie, something that most people only watch from a theater seat?

It was hard for me to be scared of the killer in my scenes with him.  When you come from live theater, you have a certain process of how you develop a relationship with other actors.  But when you are on set, you are at the craft service table with them, sitting next to them waiting for the next scene… the mystery is taken away, so I had to create that – kind of like a little kid freaking themselves out in the dark.  I would avoid Rich Walters [who played killer Harry Warden], not talk to him.  If he came in a room, I would leave.  That way, when we are shooting our scenes together, and I had this physically massive miner with a pick axe chasing me, I could be scared, and freak myself out.

Were you astonished by Betsy Rue's [Irene] nude scene?  Could you ever do something like that?

When I was negotiating my contract for the movie, I was really clear with my boundaries.  I would not feel comfortable with that.  I was well taken care of. 

Do you have anything lined up?

Nope, not yet.  Just got back from the holidays, visiting with family.  They love Edi Gathegi [Deputy Martin] because they watch House.  They saw him at the premiere and said, "Oh my gosh, that's the kid from House!"  I told them, "Oh, yeah that's Edi.  He lives down the street from me.  We walk to the coffee shop together."