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News Article

NECA Adds Ash Williams to Their Retro Line


Ash Army of Darkness

Last year saw the launch of a new line of retro-themed action figures from NECA, with Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees being the first two to get the vintage treatment.  With a whole lot of articulation and real fabric clothing, the figures harkened back to the days when MEGO dominated the toy scene, and I personally was hoping to see the company continue the line, and add other horror icons to it.  At the tail end of last month, we found out that they are indeed doing just that.

NECA recently posted the above photo on their Facebook page, announcing that Ash is set to go retro in March of this year.  The toy is essentially the same as the 'Hero Ash' figure they released in 2011, only given a MEGO makeover.  Pictures of the packaging will soon be revealed, so be sure to keep your eyes locked on NECA's Facebook page, so you're among the first to see it.

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