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NECA Turns Horror Icons Into Decorative Cord Clips


NECA scalers

We're all by now quite familiar with NECA, a company that is responsible for producing some of the coolest horror action figures that have ever been made.  With properties like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th in the palm of their hands, NECA has just announced an exciting new venture that will bring the iconic characters from those and other properties into a whole new world.  Taking a break from the articulated action figures that they've become known for, the popular toy company will soon be launching a line of decorative cord and cable clips, a fun way to spice up the many devices we deal with on a daily basis.

Dubbed Scalers, these unique accesories fasten to headphone cords, device cables and anything else that's got a cord attached to it, making it look like some of the most iconic and loveable movie characters of all time are getting their King Kong on, and climbing up the cords and cables in your home.  Over 50 of NECA's licenses will be given the Scalers treatment, including the aforementioned properties Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, as well as Aliens, Predator and Pacific RIm.

Scalers will debut sometime next year, and you can check out a video of them in action by hitting the play button below!