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NECA Unveils Life-Size Gremlins 2 Prop Replica


NECA Brain Gremlin

Toy company NECA has been doing an absolutely incredible job with their Gremlins line in the last several years, on a mission to release action figures of every loveable Mogwai and vicious little Gremlin that appeared in both the original film and its sequel.  They've even been going one big ole step further by putting out life-size replicas of a few of the characters, which are actually cast directly from original film-used stunt puppets.  Must-own pieces for the hardcore Gremlins fans, to say the least.

Last year, they put out a life-size replica of 'Brown Gremlin,' which gets a makeover next year and becomes Gremlins 2's 'Brain Gremlin.'  One of the main villains from the sequel, this little pint-sized terror became a supreme brainiac when he consumed a beaker full of brain hormones.  Suddenly, he went from your ordinary Brown Gremlin to a super-smart and sophisticated little guy, whose wardrobe reflected his newfound smarts.

Just like in the movie, NECA has turned their life-size Brown Gremlin into Brain Gremlin, slapping eyeglasses, a sports jacket and a baby blue shirt onto him.  Standing nearly 30" tall, Brain Gremlin is hand-painted and made of rubber and latex, and only 1,000 of the props will be produced.

You can expect these bad boys to be available January of next year.  See more pictures over on NECA's website.