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Never-Before-Seen Photo Shows Uncensored 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Gore


Though exploding heads and melting faces are often the kinds of gruesome effects you can only find in horror films, such glorious moments of gore have been known to pop up in many a non-horror film over the years.  One of those movies is Raiders of the Lost Ark, which has a finale ripped straight out of a horror flick.  After opening the titular Ark, archaeologist Rene Belloq and an army of Nazi soldiers meet a horrifying end (below) - a scene that you'd expect to see in a David Cronenberg film, rather than a Spielberg one.

Not surprisingly, the MPAA found the sequence to be a little too gruesome, and they forced Spielberg to add CG flame effects over the imagery of Belloq's head exploding, obscuring the Scanners-esque moment to the point that it was kinda hard to tell what was even going on.  Over 30 years later, a photograph of the original unobscured effect has just surfaced, which a man by the name of Will McCrabb tweeted out at the tail end of last week.

So if you want to see what the scene would've looked like had the MPAA not gotten their hands on it, check out the never-before-seen photo below!

Raiders of the Lost Ark exploding head