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News Article

New Details Arise About BBC America's 'Being Human' Season 4

Season 4 of BBC America's Being Human premieres on February 25th, as part of the network's Supernatural Saturday, and as most fans already know, big changes are in store for the show, with two principal cast members departing. Find out what's up with the new characters after the jump.

The season 3 finale of Being Human saw vampire Mitchell's tragic exit, and it looks like werewolf George will soon follow him, with actor Russell Tovey having announced his departure. So where does this leave the show's heroes? Here's the official word on season 4 from BBC America...

"In an old B&B in a sleepy seaside town, there lives a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost determined to live a quiet human life. But out there, lurking in every corner of society, there are vampires ready to rid the world of its humanity. The Old Ones are on their way and it's up to our heroes to fight for the right to live in peace. Not only are there vampires to seek revenge on, there's also a malevolent ghost on the loose and someone's trying to expose the existence of werewolves… Not to mention all the diapers that need changing."