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News Article

A New Director for 'Bioshock' Movie

Gore Verbinski, director of the Pirates of the Carribean trilogy and the first Ring, has given up the director’s chair for the on-again off-again Bioshock movie (which Universal is currently holding for ransom).  Who’s taking over directing duties from Verbinski?  Check out the whole story after the break!

According to Variety, after a full-steam ahead start which ended abruptly at the hands of a rapidly ballooning 160 million dollar budget (and still climbing), the need to film outside America (guess outsourcing really is cheaper), and conflicting shooting schedules, Universal has handed the director's chair over to Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who horror fans may remember as the writer/director of the sequel 28 Weeks Later.

Verbinski will still stay on in a limited role, most likely as producer. Whether you loved or hated 28 Weeks Later (I would actually like a refund and to get my two hours back), I am slightly concerned over such a big-budget, high profile movie being handed over to a relative newcomer.  Of course, given that the vast majority of video game movies are viewed with such vitriol by their fans and critics, maybe it’s for the best that a relative unknown take the potentially hellish, career sullying flak.