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News Article

A New 'Doctor' Is In!


Santa Claus has one more gift for Doctor Who fans: a new Time Lord.  It was announced yesterday that actor Matt Smith will take over the role from David Tennant, under whose tenure the show yielded, amongst all its sci-fi stories, such horror-centric episodes as “Family of Blood” and the Hugo Award-winning “Blink”.  Tennant announced his retirement from the role several months ago, after four years in the Tardis. 

At age 26, Smith will be the youngest Doctor, and the eleventh (not counting Peter Cushing’s turn in the role in two Doctor Who spin-off movies).  Who is the longest-running U.K. show, having premiered in 1963 – nearly 30 years before Smith was born.  Filming is set to begin this summer with an airdate in 2010.  Lazy Brits.