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News Article

New iOS App Can See 'The Devil Inside' You


Is The Devil Inside you? A new iOS app aims to find out. To promote the new Paramount film The Devil Inside, this app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad will look deep into your soul to see what may be lurking there. Hit the jump for more. 

Answer the a few questions, and use your device's camera to look into your eyes and search for a demon. My test came back with an 84% possibility that I had a devil inside me. Seems kind of low, but who am I to argue with iOS science?

The Devil Inside is a found footage/docu-style flick about a young woman whose mother killed several people while she was being exorcised and has been locked in a mental asylum ever since. Now the young woman is looking for answers. The film opens in theaters everywhere January 6th.

You can downloadThe Devil Inside iOS app from iTunes