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New 'Killer POV' Podcast Gets Nostalgic With Scream Factory


Scream Factory - Shout Factory Blu-Ray/DVD titles

Earlier this year, FEARnet's own Rob Galluzzo, Fangoria's Rebekah McKendry and Inside Horror's Elric Kane kicked off a brand new horror talkshow podcast for GeekNation called 'Killer POV.' Among the special guests that have stopped by include Derek Mears ('Friday The 13th'), Tyler Mane (Rob Zombie's 'Halloween'), directors Mike Mendez ('Big Ass Spider'), Dave Parker ('The Hills Run Red'), Roy Frumkes ('Street Trash') and Horror Movie A Day's Brian Collins. The brand new 8th episode just went live this morning and it features Jeff Nelson, the director of marketing at Scream Factory, the horror banner from Shout! Factory that's been cranking out some amazing Blu-Ray/DVD releases of some horror cult classics. If you're a fan of Scream Factory or any of the titles they put out, or just miss the days of discovering the horror classics on VHS at your local mom & pop video store, then sit back and get nostolgic with the entire Killer POV crew. Be sure to catch up on previous episodes on GeekNation's website and also "like" the official Killer POV Facebook page.