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'New Moon' Rising for 'Twilight' Star Edi Gathegi


Twilight is still playing in theaters, but fans are already buzzing about the upcoming sequel, New Moon. Edi Gathegi, who plays Laurent in both films, told us at this weekend's Los Angeles press junket for My Bloody Valentine (in which he stars as Deputy Martin) that he doesn’t really need to prepare for his role. “I will read the lines I have, and bring my character to it,” he hints. He’s not holding out on us – he still hasn’t seen the script yet. When asked about working with a new director for the sequel, Chris Weitz, Edi told us, “I loved what he did visually with The Golden Compass so I know he can do the CGI thing very well. I loved what he did with About a Boy and American Pie. He’s a smart director and he gets humor. Not that there will be humor in New Moon – well, maybe. Anyway, I like his work, so I am excited to work with him.”

New Moon has been subjected to almost as many nasty rumors as you would find in a real high school, so we asked Gathegi to clear some of them up. He said he doesn’t know the specifics of why director Catherine Hardwicke left so abruptly after the first film, but he does know it was a “mutual decision” between her and the studio. (Good thing – I suspect that bad blood there could be truly nasty.) And what about Taylor Lautner (who plays Jacob Black in the film) nearly getting recast? “That’s a bit of a misconception,” Gathegi told us. “Taylor was always signed on – just as we all were – for all the films. Well, the ones our characters are supposed to be in.” Edi – who hangs around with Taylor off-set – says he always believed in his friend: “It didn’t make sense to me that people thought he couldn’t play that role.”