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New York Comic Con 2009: Joshua Jackson Unveils the 'Lost/Fringe' Mystery!

This joyous, nerd-filled New York Comic Con weekend culminated with quite possibly my favorite moment of this year's con. I admit I'm a Fringe obsessor, so when I spoke to Jackson today, there was really just one thing I wanted to know and it had NOTHING to do with the Olivia/Olivia's sister/Peter Bishop love triangle. With J.J. Abrams at the helm of both Fringe and Lost, common stars and the constant subliminal Lost blips embedded in nearly every Fringe episode, I had to ask, "Is the connection between Lost and Fringe known to the cast?" Hit the jump to see what Jackson had to say! 

As an aside, there were two things I avoided to ensure the Jackson interview went as smoothly as possible: A) I refrained from calling him Pacey. And B) I didn't ask about Shutter 2. Regrets? Not thanking him for Mighty Ducks. There's always next time...

In my chat with Jackson, I had to bring up the speculation that Fringe and "the pattern" in Fringe is somehow related to Lost.

"That's a question above my pay scale," says Jackson who opened up a bit about some of the more general subliminal messages on the show. For example, when asked if he and the cast are made aware of the subliminal blips, Jackson said:

"Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I love the fact that if you really pay attention to the interstitials in our show, that's the fun of the show like this. The fun is, if you really want to pay attention, if you want to have all the extra content, it's there and the writers and creators are actually honoring the audience and saying, 'No it's cool. If you want to come play, we have hours of stuff to tell you. but if you don't want to play and you just want to tune in, that's cool too.'"

Jackson expands on the Lost/Fringe connection with a tongue-in-cheek observation and his own predictions: "It's not by accident that the name of the second German airline might have had something to do with Lost. I think if you paid attention to the numbers that they bring up on the show, it is possible that you might notice that they are directly dealing with Lost [laughs]. Again, I don't get to choose things like that but as a fan of both Lost and my own show, how cool? How cool that I can spend twenty minutes going 'Okay, okay in the timeline, if they crashed [on the] island, does that mean that they were in 1999? They said they were in 1999 but then they spent six years on the island -- what does that mean, because if we just crashed now, and it's 2009 what are we doing?' I think that's cool."