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News Article

Nim Vind Spreads the ILLNESS This Summer!

Canadian death-rocker Nim Vind, whose horror-inspired psycho-surf mayhem caught this writer’s attention last fall during his band’s Halloween tour, has announced that the long-awaited studio album The Stillness Illness is finally coming out next month, marking their first new full-length release since 2005’s The Fashion of Fear. Go below the fold and uncover the band’s devious design for an unsuspecting world…

The Stillness Illness is being released on June 19th through Vind’s own label, BEEF Records INC (through which he also distributed the new EP Head in a Box  from musical cohorts The Vincent Black Shadow). Anyone purchasing the CD through the band’s revamped official website [] will be given instant access to a high-quality download of the full album to enjoy while they wait, and Vind says they will be beefing up their merch store with all-new swag.

For now, the site is still getting a makeover and is currently running a countdown to 6/19, but expect that to change very soon. In the meantime, you can still get the latest updates at the Nim Vind MySpace [], and the preview single “Killing Saturday Night” is currently available on Amazon and iTunes.