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News Article

Oklahoma Woman Finds World's Creepiest Icicle Outside Her Door


We've seen winter weather create a lot of interesting things over the years, from Lovecraft-inspired imagery at a lighthouse on the coast of Lake Michigan to an evil snowman with the hots for Shannon Elizabeth.  But we've never seen anything quite like what one Oklahoma woman just found outside her home...

creepy icicle hand

As reported by News On 6, Tulsa resident Kimberly Griffin walked outside her house last Sunday morning and discovered the highly unusual icicle you see above, which has led some to believe her home just might be haunted.  "I saw it first from the side and noticed it had 'branches' coming off of it," Griffin said.  "Then when I saw it from the front realized it looked like a creepy skeletal hand."

The photo went viral after she e-mailed it to the news network, sending shivers up the spines of most who saw it.  Griffin laughs off the suggestions that the strange formation is the work of a poltergeist, and says a friend suggested she name the creepy hand Slick.  As of last Tuesday night, 'Slick' had begun melting, but was still hanging around.

You so creepy, Mother Nature!