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Olympic Swimmers Choreograph Program to Goblins's 'Suspiria' Soundtrack


Yes friends, you read that right. A pair of Russian synchronized swimmers swam (danced? Performed?) to Goblins' haunting Suspiria score. When we first saw this video, we thought maybe someone had just dubbed the Goblins score over their video. But some research seems to show that the Russian swimmers did, indeed perform to Goblin, as well as some of the score from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow.


The above video, while performed at the London Aquatic Centre, was actually filmed in April, as part of the Olympic qualifications. The Olympic Committee is notoriously stingy with video, but from what I can figure, the Russians performed a routine "inspired by clockwork toys and macabre fairytales" on Monday that was "near-perfect," yielding a score of 98.6 out of a possible 100.  The Russian duo of Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina will compete in the finals on Tuesday. I don't know if they will perform that same routine, but how amazing would it be to say Suspiria won the gold?