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One of Florida's Most Haunted Homes Goes Up For Sale


Haunted house for sale

Remember that terrifying Indiana house we told you about last week, where 200 demonic entities allegedly reside? Well, as a little update to that story, Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans actually went ahead and bought the house for a mere $35,000, intent on investigating it and finding out if it truly is the 'portal to Hell' many are claiming it to be. Though Bagans no doubt has his hands full with that one, he might be pleased to hear that another highly haunted house is on the market, over in Florida.

Story goes that over 100 years ago, in the Florida home you see pictured above, a young 14-year-old girl was ironing her clothes when a freak accident resulted in her spilling kerosene on herself, which set her ablaze and burned her alive. The Victorian-style home in Punta Gorda has since been remodeled but the story still manages to captivate and fascinate many, and if you believe the stories, the little girl's spirit still resides in the home, unable to escape the place where she met her tragic end.

As reported by ABC 7, the current owners of the house, Vandy and Natalie Wynn, have put their home on the market, and they're not hiding the fact that it is in fact very much haunted. They've heard footsteps coming up and down the stairs and have experienced things like doors opening and closing on their own. The chandelier in their living room also mysteriously sways from time to time, without anyone touching it.

The house, which has been dubbed one of Florida's most haunted locales, can be yours for $1.59 million.

Would you buy it, if you had the money? Comment below and let us know!