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Original 'Knights of Badassdom' Put to the Sword? Screening Version Not the Real Thing?


The Nights of BadassdomThe Knights of Badassdom has basically disappeared since its Comic Con panel a few years back. The Joe Lynch (FEARnet's Holliston)–directed movie features a great cast including Ryan Kwanten, Peter Dinklage and Summer Glau and follows live-action role players that raise a demon spawn from the netherworld.  Definitely a promising plot line, so, where did it go?

According to the website, the movie hasn’t seen the light of day thanks to executives at IndieVest. It also claims that the film screening for potential buyers this week is not Joe Lynch’s final edit. Read the details here.

If this confuses you, here’s a breakdown of the hold up via VideoETA, which sheds a bit more light on the process.

“The anonymous complaint in question claimed to be from a financial backer of a company called IndieVest. You can read the whole thing for yourself, but basically it claimed that the powers in charge of IndieVest were creating a shell company called Media Society so that they could release Knights of Badassdom under that label and stiff the original financial backers of the film with IndieVest.

For the record, no one from IndieVest has responded to that claim, but it's not the only claim on against IndieVest.

I should probably take a moment to explain exactly what IndieVest is and how it plays into the story. IndieVest is a company that allows individuals to invest in select independent films that they curate. As Founder and CEO Wade Bradley said 'our motto is connecting film and capital.'"