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Our Favorite Horror Sidekicks – Dorgo from 'The Night of 1000 Cats'


Dorgo, The Night of 1000 CatsBlood Feast (The Night of 1000 Cats) is the creation of Mexican cult director René Cardona Jr., who is best known for making the movie that inspired Jaws, Tintorera. The Night of 1000 Cats, stars the debonair Hugo Stiglitz as the helicopter-flying killer playboy Hugo. His main occupation in life is to lure unsuspecting women back to his man lair by flying around and suggestively dropping a rope ladder out the side of the 'copter in the hope they’ll climb up.

Once these ladies are back at Hugo’s lair, they are treated to drinks from gigantic goblets, some bachelor-type play, sexy interludes, and finally a beheading. All of this takes planning and organization, none of which could be done without the Hugo’s trusty right hand man and our sidekick of the week, Dorgo. At this point I am sure you are wondering where the cats come in. Well, Hugo’s a collector of sorts, and is really only interested in keeping the lovely heads of the ladies he’s murdered. So, he leaves the rest to his gang of 1000 maniacal felines where they make short work of the victims’ young and tasty flesh.

As a sidekick Dorgo exels. He’s the strong silent type, who generally keeps his mouth shut. In no way competition for the playboy looks-wise, Dorgo’s job is to make amazing meals of “special meat” for his master and his friends, make everyone feel as comfortable as possible, and keep the young ladies in line.

Film: The Night of 1000 Cats
Year: 1972

Sidekick: Dorgo (Gerardo Zepeda)

Why this Sidekick Is Better Than the Lead: A man of simple pleasures, Dorgo is actually more of a catch than Hugo and if given a chance, he could probably make a lady very happy. He cooks, cleans, and cares for those around him. He also doesn’t seem to need to collect people’s heads and isn’t at the mercy of the cats.

Moment of Glory: Mistakenly killing his master’s one true love with a pair of gardening shears and setting Hugo on the path of head collecting.

Moment of Gory:  Dorgo and Hugo sit down to a friendly game of chess that soon turns deadly. Poor Dorgo, he actually looks like he’s having fun and is winning the game. Cut to the cats. They need to be fed, and Dorgo has a lot of meat on his large frame.