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Our Favorite Horror Sidekicks - 'Fright Night's' Evil Ed


Where would the horror hero, final girl, or killer be without their trusty sidekick? More often than not the sidekick saves the hero's ass and is the best part of the horror movie. So, why do they remain so under-appreciated?

Well, no more! FEARnet is giving underdog sidekicks their moment in the spotlight. This week, we look at Fright Night's beloved trickster, Evil Ed.

Film: Fright Night
Year: 1985
Sidekick: Evil Ed  (Stephen Geoffreys)
Why this Sidekick Is Better Than the Lead:  Without the spazzy, ADD-riddled Ed, Charlie would know a whole lot less about vampires.  He would also take himself WAY too seriously. Ed is a silly, sloppy mess, but hopelessly devoted to a best friend who just doesn't get him. So, Ed gets fed up and takes solace in the arms of the enemy. Basically, Ed he plays sidekick double-duty, to protagonist and antagonist, but never gets the thanks he deserves from either side. Always misunderstood, he still keeps his sense of human, right up until his untimely demise.
Moment of Glory: "You're so cool Brewster!" It's tough to decide if Ed is better as a human or a vampire, but few horror movie characters have started a catchphrase like Ed did.
Moment of Gory: Sadly, even in the end, Ed gets the short end of the stick when, after turning into a werewolf, he meets his demise with a stake to the heart.

Watch Ed in action below.