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Our Favorite Zombie Haikus

We've still got zombies on the brain, so we're bringing back a few of our favorite zombie stories from the past. This collection of fan-written zombie haikus was originally posted on February 4, 2010. Enjoy.

Zombies and haikus. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, like sex and death, like Lady Gaga and sharp metallic objects. As part of our day-long celebration of George Romero's 70th birthday, we've asked fans to send us their best odes to the undead via Facebook and Twitter.

Check out our favorites below. Think you can do better? Post your own haiku in the comments section that follows!

Karen, cold as earth
Consumed Daddy's tender flesh
Helen, lives in Hell

- Chris A.

Starving zombie kids
We should have a telethon
Send more superstars

- Austin T.

door is breaking down
guess this is my last goodbye
please update my blog.

- Rebekah B.

I can't shoot my friend!
Even if he's kind of dead.
Then he bit my face.

- Brian H.

infection spreading
cloudy thoughts and darkened eyes
the hunger comes soon

- Kurt F.

"Those... THINGS are outside!"
"Quickly! Into the cellar!"
"NO! That's a DEATH-TRAP!"

- Gil M.

Bit by a zombie.
I'd like a juicy steak now.
Make it very rare

- Christy F.

My leg just fell off.
It sucks being undead, but
it's great to lose weight.

- Jessica P.

Spring is in the air
A young zombie is in love
With eating your brains.

- Rob L.

It's us against them
Even match-up - Sh*t! I'm Black!
Hope I don't die FIR--

- Naomi M.