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News Article

OV HELL Debut Details Revealed

The diabolical metal masters (self-proclaimed "Satan's All-Stars") who formed black metal supergroup OV HELL this year have just announced the completion of their debut CD The Underworld Regime, which is slated for release early next year. We've got some devilish details on the new material, which you can peruse at your sinister leisure after the jump!

OV HELL includes black metal notaries like Dimmu Borgir frontman Shagrath, former Gorgoroth bassist King, Satyricon drummer Frost, and guitarists Ice Dale (Enslaved) and Teloch (God Seed). King and Shagrath are the project's prime movers, respectively writing all the music and lyrics (with additional lyrical contributions from Dimmu Borgir guitarist Silenoz).

The Underworld Regime was recorded and mixed in Norway this fall, is targeted for release in February, and will include tracks like Devil's Harlot, Ghosting, Perpetual Night and Postmodern Sadist. Shagrath has described the material as "majestic," and declares that the new material hearkens back to their roots in old-school black metal: "raw, ugly, arrogantly blasphemous... with uncompromising truth from two influential Norwegian musicians needing to express our primitive side."

You can preview the demo versions of two tracks at the band's MySpace.