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Parents Name Their Newborn Son Freddy Krueger


baby Freddy Krueger

Just when I thought I was the ultimate Nightmare on Elm Street fan - walls loaded up with posters and shelves stocked with toys - someone just had to go ahead and outdo me...

Proving themselves to be the hands down biggest Fred-heads of all time, a couple in Alexandria, Louisiana gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Halloween, who they named Freddy Jack.  Why is this worthy of mentioning here on FEARnet?  Because the father's name is John Krueger!

Little Freddy Krueger's parents said they originally planned on naming their third son Oliver, a plan that changed when they found out that Jessica would have to give birth via c-section on Halloween day - a week before the November due date.  "We made a deal," said Freddy's mother.  "If I went into labor before Halloween, we'd name him something else." 

As for Freddy's middle name, that was inspired by Jack Skellington, from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  But of course!

Cute?  Or a bad idea, considering Freddy was a child-killing monster?  Sound off below!