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Penumbra: Let the Early Adopter Beware!


Penumbra fans...Are you one of those folks who likes to buy a game on release day, where you squirrel it home to tear it open, high as a kite on anticipation and whatever chemicals they’re baking into DVD cases?  Do you like being the early adopter who pays his dues to play the game first? Sucker.

Those of you who paid full price for all three episodes of Frictional Games’ phenomenal Penumbra series must be feeling pretty used right about now.  They, along with series publisher Paradox Interactive, have released a trailer for the upcoming Penumbra Collection, which collects Penumbra: Overture, its sequel Black Plague, and the direct-download only Requiem in one package for the low price of—put the knife away—$19.99.

In anticipation of its February 17th release date, a trailer has been released, showcasing the gameplay and environments of all three episodes, all set to a haunting new song by Thermostatic.