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Prepare for the Apocalypse with the Zombie Survival Kit Lunchbox


Zombie Survival Kit Lunchbox

If you went out Black Friday shopping in the wee hours of the morning today, you surely saw horrific images ripped straight out of a Romero film - tired, messy haired shoppers trampling over each other in the pursuit of discounted electronics and $2 DVDs.  If today was any indication, the impending zombie apocalypse isn't far off, which means you'd better start preparing for the beginning of the end.

Headed our way next year, Fourth Castle's Zombie Survival Kit Lunchbox will help you do just that!

Made to look like an army-issued ammo box, this unique lunchbox is constructed from sturdy metal and fastened with steel clips, keeping your belongings safe from the undead... or your co-workers.  Priced at a mere $9.99, this bad boy is large enough to hold everything you need to survive for as long as possible when the shit hits the fan, including first aid supplies, weapons and food.  And hey, if the zombies never do rise up, at least you'll have a cool way to bring your lunch to work.

They're set to begin hitting retailers and comic book shops next March.