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News Article

'Prince of Darkness' Original Soundtrack (Remastered)

It was a great moment for me to share a little Q&A time with John Carpenter, one of my creative heroes – not only as a filmmaker, but as a composer of his own scores, often in collaboration with synth wizard Alan Howarth.

Remastered and released through Howarth’s own label, the double-disc edition of the complete score to Carpenter’s apocalypse flick contains all the tracks from the original album (my folks once gave me that one for Christmas, shaking their heads in concern), as well as a second disc filled with all original cues, outtakes and dialog excerpts.

Howarth’s remastered (and autographed) soundtracks like this, Escape from New York and Big Trouble in Little China – all available through Howarth's website – are a joy to anyone who grew up on those classic synth scores. Pricey, but worth it... so why not spread the electro-love this year?

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