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News Article

Psycho Charger Reveal New 'Toxic' CD Art

Gore-soaked rockers Psycho Charger have joined forces with renowned horror artist Eric “Unkle” Pigors – best known for his “Toxic Toons” series as well as promo art for bands like Metallica, Wednesday 13, Genitorturers and Scum of the Earth – for the artwork to accompany their upcoming CD Mark of the Psycho. Take a peek below the fold to learn more about the album, and gaze upon Unk's twisted new creation!

Mark of the Psycho promises to crank the band's patented brand of “Horror Raw-Kill-Billy” into high gear with thirteen new tracks – including “I Eat the Dead,” which previously made an appearance in the film Cannibal Flesh Riot (directed by Gris Grimly, another acclaimed horror artist), and a cover of “Wanted Man” from the Johnny Cash tribute CD Paid In Black. Also planned as a bonus track will be a remix of the band's “Redneck Zombies,” ably assisted by Tomb Dragomir of Rue Morgue Radio. Band founder Jimmy Psycho says the new material will be “a bit louder and heavier than our previous stuff.”

Aside from contributing the cover art, Pigors will also reportedly step up to the mic, along with other rumored guest performers like actor Chuck Williams (Bubba Ho-Tep), Jeano Roid from The Creeping Cruds, and original Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra, who has been approached to record an introduction to the album.

More gory details – including the official release date – will be coming soon to the band's official “gravesite.”