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News Article

'Psychoville' Wins Bafta

The acclaimed UK horror comedy series Psychoville (which airs exclusively in the US on FEARnet) has just been honored with the country's biggest television award -- the Bafta. The show's website has won the award for New Media. Check out a clip of the website team receiving the award at the Royal Festival Hall on London's South Bank, after the jump.

In related Bafta news, according to the BBC, "The Fades, a supernatural drama broadcast on BBC Three last year, won best drama series. It was revealed in April that it has not been recommissioned."

"The central premise was that dead people not allowed into heaven could come back to earth as vengeful beings. The cast included Daniel Kaluuya, Johnny Harris and Daniela Nardini.

"'A couple of years ago we were thrilled to even get a commission for a show that was this ambitious,' said producer Caroline Skinner backstage.

"'Obviously we would have loved to do several series, and we had ideas for at least another two when we were making it.'

"She said fans had taken their show to their hearts and the Bafta win did not feel like a 'bittersweet' victory.

"Writer Jack Thorne said: 'We still had stories to tell, and it's a shame we're not getting to tell those stories.'

"It was the hope of executive producer Susan Hogg that the Bafta accolade would get the six episodes that were made a wider audience.

"'The people who commissioned it were taking a massive risk with a show like this and it paid off,' she said."