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News Article

Rammstein Lands US Deal for New CD


We’ve been anxiously following the progress of Germany’s industrial-metal gods Rammstein as their long-awaited sixth studio album nears completion this fall. The next piece of the puzzle came together this week when the band announced they had found a North American distributor. More info below the fold!

As we reported earlier, the still-untitled album, which contains eleven tracks in all, was conceived in Germany’s Castle Beerenstedt and recorded late last year in California, with mixing done in Sweden by frequent collaborator Jacob Hellner. The epic orchestral and choral parts – a staple of the band’s output since Mutter in 2001 – were arranged by acclaimed composer Sven Helbig.

The band has just landed a deal with Vagrant Records for marketing and distribution in the US, and it’s likely this will include a promotional tour as well, which would mark their first time back in the states in eight years. Those who saw them back in the day have never forgotten, thanks to the boys’ notorious live performances that not only featured the usual flamethrowers and rockets but also included some naughty props and stunts – one of which (involving a high-pressure hose combined with a certain rubber appendage) got them in a heap o’ trouble during their Family Values tour with Korn back in ’98.

One can only imagine what the gang has in their pants – uh, in their pockets, that is – for us this time, but since they’ve boasted that the material is loaded with “attacks upon common taste and morality,” we’d like to think they haven’t gone limp just yet. When they’re ready to show us what they’re packin’, we’ll be there… with even more pervy metaphors.