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News Article

RevCo Revs up for New Tour

Al Jourgensen's long-running non-Ministry project Revolting Cocks (known these days by the less sleazy abbreviation RevCo) are getting their A-game ready for their first North American headlining tour in over two decades. Although Uncle Al has officially handed the RevCo reins over to a new and equally demented crew, that doesn't necessarily mean he won't be tagging along for the ride... hell, he might even be coming to your neighborhood. Dates and details linger just below the fold... so flip it, bitches!

The RevCo “LuBriCaTouR” is hitting the road this fall to promote the recent release Sex-O Olympic-O (you might have read a kind word or two about that one in these illustrious pages a few months back), and tease the upcoming remix album MiXXX-O Olympic-O (apparently Uncle Al was really into Alpha-Bits as a kid), the contents of which Jourgensen's label 13th Planet Records will be divulging soon.

The tour is scheduled to kick off in Al's home town of El Paso on September 10th, and will mosey all across the continent through October – winding up in Texas again the day before Halloween – with the assistance of guest acts Left Spine Down and the superbly named Blownload. There will also be a special mystery guest (“a legendary master of the unceremonious”), whose name will be announced by 13th Planet next month.

Jourgensen won't be along for all of the shows, but will be joining the band at venues like House of Blues in both LA and Chicago, and New York's Irving Plaza. You can see the complete itinerary – they're hitting quite a few stops – at the band's official MySpace.