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RIP Tony Scott, Director of 'The Hunger' and 'Top Gun'


Truly shockings news this evening as word of Tony Scott's suicide hits.

Probably best known for directing iconic blockbusters like Top GunDays of Thunder, Beverly Hills Cop II, and True Romance, Scott was found dead in San Pedro, a seaside town at the southern edge of Los Angeles. Witnesses say the 68-year-old director/producer climed the fence on the Vincent Thomas Bridge and jumped "without hesitation." This occured around 12:30pm on Sunday afternoon, but according to the Los Angeles County coroner's office, the body wasn't found until after 4:30pm. Sonar was needed to find Scott's body in the murky water.

While Tony Scott's biggest successes came from mainstream action films, genre fans will know that one of  Scott's first features was The Hunger, the sexy vampire film starring Susan Sarandon, David Bowie, and Catherine Deneuve. He was also an accomplished producer, working alongside brother Ridley in their Scott Free Productions on projects such as Ridley's most recent film, Prometheus

A suicide note was found in Tony's car, which he left in eastbound lanes on the bridge. Officials have no reason to suspect this was anything but a suicide.