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News Article

Rob Zombie Takes the Stage Again This Fall

According to the latest from, Rob Zombie is bouncing back from the rather less-than-stellar opening of Halloween II and diving back into his music, revealing his plans to perform live again this fall in the run-up to his newly completed (and yes, still untitled) studio album – which is scheduled to hit stores on November 10th. Hit the jump and find out what Rob's got planned for the near future...

In the article, Rob reveals that he will be back onstage on October 18th as part of Japan's legendary Loud Park Festival, supported by Papa Roach. Rob is quoted as telling website Pulse of Radio that he's relieved to return to the music game.

“When you're the director, you're on seven days a week, all day long,” he explained. “It's this meticulous type of process. So to go on tour, where all we have to do is hold it together for an hour onstage and whatever we do the rest of the time doesn't matter – you can be a complete mental patient – so yeah, touring is a great way to break free from that."

The official North American tour to promote the new album will reportedly launch in November.

Editor's Note: It's reported that Rob will be working on the script for his reboot of The Blob while he's touring, more on that here.