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News Article

Robert Kirkman Sued Over 'The Walking Dead.' Again.


Robert Kirkman's former partner, Anthony Moore, is suing The Walking Dead creator over rights and royalties to the franchise. This is Moore's second lawsuit this year against Kirkman.

In February, Moore filed a lawsuit in state court saying that Kirkman owed him rights and royalties to The Walking Dead franchise after Moore claims he gave Kirkman his portion of the rights in exchange for "assured payments." While this case is still in the discovery stage in California Superior Court, Moore filed a second suit, this time at the federal level, claiming "it is necessary so the state court can properly award the correct amount of money due and owing to Moore." 

As far as I can tell, in layman's terms, it sounds to me like "I made a bad decision and now I want to change my mind" and "Haha, you falled for it, you fool." But again, I'm no lawyer. Either way, The Walking Dead returns to television on October 14th. Since AMC is not named in either suit, it shouldn't affect the show, and frankly, that is all I care about.