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News Article

Russian Waiter Terrifies Woman with Clever Cockroach Prank


As we saw back In October, when comedian Jack Vale fooled people into thinking they saw a ghost, smart phones have really changed the pranking game in a big way, allowing pranksters to scare others in ways they never would've been able to in the past.

As spotted over on the website Tastefully Offensive, a waiter over in Russia recently used his smart phone to do just that to an unsuspecting diner, with an app that made it appear as if a cockroach was crawling on her hand.  He then took the clever magic trick to the next level, by actually bringing the virtual bug to life.  Naturally, the woman's initial amusement quickly turned to sheer terror, and the hilarious scare prank was captured on video for your enjoyment.

Check it out below!

Hey, at least it wasn't in her food, right?!