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Ryan Murphy Talks 'American Horror Story' Season 2 Casting


American Horror Story producer Ryan Murphy has dropped a few hints about season 2 of his hit FX show. He's also commenting on what roles the actors returning from season 1 will play this time around, reiterating that "everybody is playing the opposite of what they played last year." More after the jump.

TV Line reports that "This much is known about the next 'chapter' in FX's Horror Story: The setting is an East Coast insane asylum circa the 1960s, and several Season 1 cast members – Zachary Quinto, Lily Rabe and Evan Peters included — will be on hand in new roles. Save for the fact that SAG/Globe winner Jessica Lange is playing the head honcho at said institution, other character deets are few. And Ryan Murphy wants to keep it that way. 'I don't want to say what Zach and Lily are doing, or what anybody else is doing, until we get closer to [fall],' he tells me. 'But I'll continue to say that everybody is playing the opposite of what they played last year, which I think is why they're all so into it. Like, I have talked to Zach and Jessica and they were very excited… and that's a rare thing.' But in keeping with the 'opposite' theme, does that mean Peters, who in Season 1 played the rather evil Tate, will be the new chapter's hero? 'Knowing me it will be the anti-hero,' Murphy teases. 'It won't be what you expect.'"