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'SAW' 3D - First 8 Minutes Revealed


Yes it's true, Dr. Lawrence Gordon is back! A lucky group of Comic-Con attendees were the first to experience the first 8 minutes of SAW 3D and we have a full report below the break.

The screening kicked off with a repeat viewing of the newly released trailer (in 3D) followed by a presentation by the Guinness Book of World Records to SAW producers and Jigsaw himself Tobin Bell for being part of the most successful horror franchise. A brief Q/A with saw producers, Tobin Bell and SAW VI & VII director Kevin Greutert followed before we were shown the first 8 minutes of the film. The start of SAW 3D picks up immediately after the first SAW with Dr. Gordon (Cary Elwes) dragging himself across the floor (severed foot and all) until he gets to a steaming hot pipe which he uses to cauterize his wound while screaming in agony.

Cut to a scene outside in which a clear chamber is visible in a crowded outdoor square. Locked in the box are 2 guys on each side (Brad & Ryan) and a woman chained above. Both Brad and Ryan each have a circular saw they can push towards one another with another saw in the center just below the woman. We come to find that both Brad and Ryan have been in a relationship with this woman and as the scene plays out she continues to play the two men as they are pitted against one another. Billy the puppet comes rolling out on his tricycle and sets the scene. The strongest will survive as the two men each try to push their circular saws towards one another. Ultimately, they both decide their lives are more important than the woman dangling above, and they both allow the center saw to slice through her exposed stomach dropping her intestines on the floor. Her blood splatters across the clear box as horrified onlookers watch the grisly scene play out.

Cut to black.

Did I want more? You betcha. How does Dr. Gordon play into this? And with the recent announcement that this will indeed be the last SAW film (believe it when we see it) it'll be interesting to see how the series ends. 3D was ok, remained fairly bright, especially in the outdoor scenes with the usual amount of expected eye strain. What really took me by surprise however (other than the fact that the first trap took place outside in a public area which is REALLY unusual for a SAW film) is the fact that the opening scene seemed to play out with a bit of black, wicked humor as well.