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News Article

'Saw' Director James Wan to Direct 'MacGyver?'


This is one of those news stories that makes you do a double-take: James Wan is in talks to direct the MacGyver movie.

MacGyver was a 1980s TV series about a detective (played by Richard Dean Anderson) who always found himself in dangerous situations, and was able to get out of said situations using everyday items, like rubber bands and paperclips. SNL's MacGruber skit was a mock of MacGyver

James Wan is best known for low-budget, pull-no-punches horror flicks like Insidious and Saw.

So how the hell will these two aesthetics blend? Will MacGyver be darker than its TV series? Has James Wan "sold out?" Hey, everyone has to make a living; I'm just having a hard time reconciling these two ideas - anyone want to help me out here?

Source: Hollywood Reporter