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News Article

Scary Snowman Comes to Life in Holiday Prank


While snowmen were once the source of much happiness for me, that all changed with a childhood viewing of the movie Jack Frost.  In an instant, the magic and joy was replaced with sheer terror and icy cold chills, which still run up my spin to this day.

Oh, and I'm not talking about the 1997 horror movie Jack Frost.  I'm of course talking about the other one, where Michael Keaton dies and then comes back to life as his son's snowman.  Chills, I tell you.  Chills.

Ever since the winter of 2011, it's become an annual holiday tradition for a man named Brian to dress up as a particularly evil looking snowman and terrorize the busy streets of Boston, whispering creepy things at passersby and jumping out to scare them.  They think his clever costume is merely a harmless decoration, you see, and Brian has a whole lot of fun with that.  If you thought you were safe from such terror once Halloween passed by, think again!

Check out this year's scare montage and then see much more over on the Scary Snowman YouTube channel.