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Scott Ian Talks 'Blood and Guts' with Greg Nicotero


Fangoria’s new show on the Nerdist Network, Blood and Guts with Scott Ian, will debut with KNB EFX Group’s co-founder and make-up master Greg Nicotero who is behind some truly splatter-ful moments from The Walking Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Inglourious Basterds, to name a few.

Ian chats with Nicotero about his history creating zombies, predators, aliens and flesh-eating demons. It’s an awesome look at the iconic models used on some of the most popular horror movies in history.

Blood and Guts will feature five FX masters, including Gary Tunnicliffe, Rob Hall (Almost Human FX), Jerry Constantine, and Jennifer Aspinall, every Tuesday through November on The Nerdist Network.

Watch the first episode here.