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News Article

Scream Factory Previews New Releases for December and January


Scream Factory has just announced their newest remastered blu-rays, with releases planned throughout December and January.

December 12th will see blu-ray/DVD combo packs for both Death Valley and The Island. In Death Valley, a family goes for a vacation in California's Death Valley, only to discover they are being stalked by a madman. In The Island, Michael Caine is an investigative journalist who starts researching Bermuda Triangle-like disappearances and becomes embroiled in pirate violence. Neither film has been released on blu-ray or DVD until now, and both have been remastered, and include key art and theatrical trailers. Death Valley also includes an audio commentary from director Dick Richards.

On January 22nd, Scream Factory will release Deadly Blessings and The Nest to blu-ray/DVD combo pack. Deadly Blessings, directed by Wes Craven, is the tale of evil spirits and even more evil religious cults, while The Nest deals with genetically mutated cockroaches that have developed a taste for human blood. Details are still coming in on the special features for these sets, but if you pre-order Deadly Blessings, you will receive a limited-edition poster.

All of these titles can be preordered through Shout Factory.