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Scream Queens Unite For Special California Event


Day of the Scream Queens

Though you may not know his name, I can pretty well guarantee you've seen a handful of the movies that fill out his massive IMDb resume.  A frequent collaborator with Charles Band's Full Moon, David DeCoteau was the man behind the camera for such gems as Puppet Master 3, Shrieker, Dreamaniac and Creepozoids.  Though he's one of the busiest independent filmmakers working within the genre, with a whopping four films set for release this year, DeCoteau still managed to make the time to put together a very special event called Day of the Scream Queens, where a handful of the lovely ladies that have appeared in his films over the years will gather to meet and greet their fans.

Taking place at the Burbank, California horror boutique Dark Delicacies, the event's guest list is filled out with some of the most iconic scream queens in the history of horror, including Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens and Lynn Lowry.  Also scheduled to appear are Friday the 13th: Part 6's Darcy DeMoss, The Exorcist's Eileen Dietz, Re-Animator's Carolyn Purdy-Gordon and Jaws 2's Donna Wilkes.

Day of the Scream Queens is the very first event that's ever put so many scream queens under one roof, and it all goes down on Sunday, January 26th.  To learn more, and see the full guest list, head over to the Day of the Scream Queens Facebook page!